The Esthetics Lab & Wax S​tudio 


Waxing 101

For The First 12 Hours

After a wax, your hair follicles are open. It’s important to follow the rules below to prevent any bacteria from getting in your hair follicles. It is normal to be red or a little sore after waxing.

No sex for at least 12 hrs

No sweating-gym or exercising

No tanning

No swimming, steam rooms or saunas

Waiting For The Next Wax

Please exfoliate the next morning after the wax, whereas you wont be able to shower the same day you have your wax. Use an exfoliating glove while in the shower or after the shower to rub the waxed area with a purpose. 

Tea tree oil is good for preventing ingrown hairs. You can purchase it here at the Esthetics lab.