We offer waxing for the entire body. We currently use Hard and Soft wax only. We accommodate all hair We accommodate all hair types including coarse and soft hairs. 

*no sugaring 


Our licensed and certified professionals know that skincare is not just about the appearance of the skin, it's about helping you feel the best about yourself


Skin Tag removal...

Non-surgical treatments that will achieve the highest level of impact with least amount of downtime or risk. Minimally invasive treatments allow our clients to continue daily life mostly uninhibited while achieving their skin goals.


👋🏾 Our lovely Front desk Assistant Jasmine is leaving us y’all. She is venturing on to greater opportunities and I am happy for her. 😁 🎉

Jasmine always made sure to let y’all know “it ain’t that bad” before heading back there 😂 and then got the nerve to say she can’t hear you lol 🤫 but we know lol 😂. The best of times are sometimes at the front desk. Clientele, clients, friends or family🥰we have history together and relationships with Jasmine. Some people are so amazing and she really do brag on your company that you keep with her while at the studio. The one person you see first is always there to open up early and close up late. Jasmines always make sure that you can smell our aromas before you walk through the door. That’s what great Assistants do. They make sure to flow the atmosphere and we love to hear y’all say “it smells so good in here”…and I always throw it back to 👉🏽 Jasmine. 👏🏽 thank you for that, by itself. Amazing more things can be said and appreciated so please come see your girl this week. We will be definitely be celebrating all week long. On to greater things. @JamiePrezzy

March 30th will be her last day here at the studio so come by anytime that day to show some love. We will be open next week Tuesday (28th) as well.

* she loved anything pink 💓💓